Well I have begun using Guitar Rig 3 only to find my soundcard isnt good enough. I have a jack converter for my guiter into my processer but whenever I use Guitar Rig I got some weird annoying feedback. For now im recording on my computer using Audacity while a friend distorts it....does anyone have any recomendations for gear I could use to record with that would be within a $150 budget...nothing past $200 if possible.
They'll be able to help you more with this in the recording forum, but get yourself an audio interface (There's a sound card in it if I'm not mistaken). I'm about to pick up a Presonus inspire myself here pretty soon.
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I'm thinking of getting n Edirol UA-25EX, they're made by Roland I think. You might be able to pick up the older UA-25 (no EX) for $200. It has a High-Z input for plugging guitars directly into it.