I've decided to play Paradise City, by Guns n Roses. The thing is, I can't seem to get the same kind of pinch harmonics that Slash does. This has been a problem for me for a while. I can do pinch harmonics with ease, but it seems my pinch harmonics are way too high pitched and don't sound nearly as good. They're clear and loud, but they just sound stupid. I've tried pinching up and down the string, but there doesn't seem to be a sweet spot for me. My pinch harmonics sound like those in the P.H. break in Welcome to the Jungle.
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Adjust gain.

E.G the pinch in the first "Get In The Ring" break is a "weak" one in my opinion, he hit's it, waits half a second and then bends it up and down a bit and it sounds wirey and thin, not like that crazy harmonics that Zakk sends off in every riff.

Also, Slashs' pinches always sounded a bit awkward I thought.