So, my previous amp build (in a cakepan) was put on hold...think I'm trying to fit too much into said cakepan, in awhile when I can afford a proper chassis for it, I'm going to swap it out and build it up...

So, that being on hold for awhile, I'm getting to another build I've been planning for quite awhile...

Awhile back I bought an old Fender Super amp (50 watt, 4x10 combo)...

He was playing it at a friend's wedding last summer, the dance was in a barn (about 120 degrees in it...I know, I was the sound tech for it) and he cooked it pretty hardcore. Doesn't work any more, and he was going to get rid of it anyways, so I bought it off of him for not much.

I gutted it today, to make room for what I'm putting in it:

My friend said before that the footswitch never worked (he bought it used). Found out why:

On the other side of that heat-induced discoloration is the power supply for the transistors driving the footpedal. Two of the caps were toast, the rest of the board fried. BTW, when these older Fender board char, they become conductive...that's a great property for circuit board to have... And that had been fried for YEARS, to say nothing of the ultimate problem it had.

Anyways, I'm going to try my hand at using a PCB on this one. Going to design up a PCB that basically fills the whole chassis, with flying leads to the pots and tube sockets (tube sockets mounted on circuit boards are about as smart telling your wife to go on a diet). Anything that might get warm will be elevated...also, considering putting a fan on the chassis to blow THROUGH the chassis to keep the internals cool, after seeing all the heat-based damage on the inside of this thing.

for the amp itself, it's going to be:

Clean-ish preamp of my design that does NOT mimick anything out there that I've found, should be very chimey... basic topology is Cascode > Tone stack (roughly a fender master volume, but with a contour knob), into 12AU7 > 12AU7 > phase inverter (prolly 12AT7). There are some tricks planned that I'll share later...

Power amp will be a 6V6 PP ultralinear, running "as many watts as I can squeeze out of the 6V6s". Using JJ tesla 6V6s, which are more durable than others... running 490 volts, hoping for at least 32 watts, maybe more like 35. This thing is a bit of an experiment for me, should be fun.

It will have tube driven and tube recovered reverb (reverb feeds into input 2 on the PI, so no NFB on the poweramp...hence the UL PA). It will have Tremolo (it's not vibrato, sorry Leo...) that will probably be SS generated and fed into the bias of the 6V6s, as is normal. Considering putting an effects loop on it too, that would be tube driven and tube recovered.

Prescence control, but no negative feedback from poweramp ( )

Um...whatelse...reverb, trem, and FX loop (if I put one in) will be footswitched. Going to have some interesting power supply silliness going on too, trying to make it as quiet and smooth as possible.

Oh, yeah, going to look into building in an attenuator...I've seen some pretty ingenious ideas out there (one, using lightbulbs as the shunt element...nice). Might just have two options...full throttle and 1/20 throttle or something...this is meant to be my "ultimate" clean amp...only settings I'd ever use are full and "apartment".

Should be fun.
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Okay, I don't know much about electronics or modding amps, but I hang out in my school's cumputer tech guy's office enough to know that that's one fried board
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