Anyone else a fan?

Best prog out there at the moment imo
any other fans?
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Steven Wilson needs to keep his dirty little British hands off of everything I've been listening to as of late! He seems to co-produce anything progrock these days :P

I like PT's Coma Divine, and some their more mellow albums, but Wilson's patented megaphone voice used to cover up his mediocre singing really begins to annoy this **** out of me
In Absentia is such a fantastic album. Collapse The Light Into Earth makes me tear up every time...

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There are already two threads, one here and the other in the Prog forum:


A search would have shown how many other PT threads have been closed. In Absentia and Deadwing are awesome, but...

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Love these guys. With or without Chris Maitland. He was perfect for their style earlier on but i must say Gavin Harrison is the greatest in the world to me. As for Steven Wilson, he's a mastermind no doubt. I love his voice, and if u dont think he can sing you are crazed and derranged. Trains is such a beautiful peace-" Always the summers are slipping away" he hits it perfectly in that whole song. Also listen to the live album Warszawa he is dead on vocaly in that concert. Where we would be is such a fantastic vocal song. The mans lyrics are outstanding and they really hit home with me. I have everyone of their songs and i can say with no doubt these guys are all masterminds at their instruments. Richard Barberi is one hell of a synth player and Collin Edwin is such a great bass player, i love his fretless work. I got to see these guys in 07 in New Orleans at Voodoo Fest right before i saw Rage Against the Machine and they blew my mind. To me Porcupine Tree is what music should sound like. : )
Porcupine Tree is frankly amazing.

Anyone wanting to get into their old stuff would do well to get Stars Die btw...

In Absentia and Signify are probably my favourite albums although my favourite PT 'moment' is the little jazzy solo near the end of 'Arriving Somewhere' that I THINK is played by Mikael Akerfeldt. The way it sort of... bursts in... in a really quiet way is brilliant. Don't really know how to describe what I mean...
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