I checked GuitarCenter.com but I didnt see anything. Is there a store I could buy it at, or do I have to buy it online?

If I have to buy online, what's a reliable site to buy from?

Yes, I have bought from them before. Never had any issues to speak of. I had to buy new locking nuts for my Jackson since they crapped out on me (stupid licensed floyd, lol). All I gotta say, is never order parts directly through a guitar manufacturer. Jackson took eons to send floyd parts I've ordered in the past.
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Just go to your local hardware store. I just showed them to one of the guys working there at mine and he just gave me some for free.
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Ive ordered from both those sites and stewmacs, they have all been good about my orders and returns. Also as a side note I live in Canada so they are good international.
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This is floyd Rose official parts and bridge distributor. I have bought for them. Just call, don't bother with the email.