ok so I dont even know if im going to be making my own guitar yet. my dad says it would be too hard and he would have no idea what to do with the hardware part as he is only good with woodworking. but if i were to make one, how would i find out which on i like best? wouldnt i have to find the exact same specs on one guitar but with a different body on all of them? also same question for the top, neck, and fretboard woods.

sorry if you dont understand my question it didnt really come out right
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i want to know how to find which one i like best. i dont want to just go by what a website says about how the wood sounds i want to actually hear how they sound and see which one i like best
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i do this every day, people litter this forum with repetitive posts and the same 3 people always answer (me lumberjack ottar) and these 3 people are getting annoyed as you can see.

I do this sometimes too.
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one thing i woulds say to do concerning what wood/guitar you want to build is go to a music store and spend many hours playing EVERY guitar there with every diffrent pickup and wood combo you can think of, then decide what you like best for tonewood, bodyshape and pickups you like the best.
just my 2 cents
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