I have no idea what Send/Return jacks are. I never use them on my amps, and now I have them on my TASCAM Portastudio.

Do I plug an effects pedal into these two jacks and will that effect color the sound of the track that I am recording while I am recording? Or do I use the effects while mixing? Or do I have the entire function of these things wrong? (The manual says zilch about them.)

If its 2 jacks its the same as an fx return on an amp. Its for when you're recording i'd say, i'm sure you could send it through again but yes its essentially an fx return for compressors/eqs/limiters/reverbs etc etc etc.

I'm not 100% sure about that particular unit, but generally its for the initial recording.If you want to add it later on you have to send the track to that channel and re-record it if that makes sense.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, if its just one jack then you need an insert cable (trs to 2X ts channels, aka one stereo guitar jack into 2 mono ones) then you just need to find out which jack is what (send/return) then put the send into the input jack of what ever unit you want and then the output to the output of that unit, or the last unit in the change if you're adding more than one.
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I have never used those Send/Returns. I simply put pedals before the amp or recorder. Maybe I'll try it the other way.