i usually get Planetwaves from any guitar shop, ive never had one break or fail at all and they get some rough usage

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If you can solder I suggest buying some switchcraft jacks and getting some george L cable and making your own.

Otherwise, planet waves and livewire are good cables.
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if you can get a good deal i got a monster 21ft cable for 30 bucks canadian brand new.

they are serviceable and durable, and life-time warranty. planet waves are good too, just the shielding can go sometimes
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Thanks, will try and get a Planetwaves. Will prob go for the solder job next time around or if I'm feeling rich, the Monster (nice cable, price to match).
you're in the UK, get cleartones. It's the LAW.

excellent quality cables, for very little money. it's win-win. they annihilate planet waves, for half the price (if not less).

http://www.award-session.com/cleartone_cables.html (you want the instrument cables)
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