Anyone used this pup much before?

Thinking of buying a used one. I mostly want a lead tone with a bit of crunch, but i really want a pup which will enhance harmonics.

Yes i know pinch harmonics are mostly technique. But its well known some pups are better for enhancing harmonics than others.

The body of my latest frankensteiner is a rgx121 alder.
Try that and the Full shred... Very good clear pickups. On the higher output side, try a Duncan Distortion and a JB, and a LOT of dimarzios are very clear.
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Screamin' Demon was designed to be in maple bodied guitars and in them it sounds awesome. Its George Lynch's pickup and of course he prefers maple bodied guitars. It could work with alder but like I said it was made for maple. You could check out the JB or SH-11 Custom Custom for example.
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thanks guys

i was thinking a distortion as well, just i can get this sh12 for a 3rd of new price.

i might hold off.

what makes a pup better for enhancing harmonics? simply output?

clearly actives do the job the best. but i want a passive.
Its not simply just output, as my SD '78 Model is awesome with harmonics and is rated at 9.1k but higher output pickups do make it easier yea.
2003 Music Man Axis Pacific Blue Burst
when i briefly owned a JS100, it came with a Screaming Demon. It was coil-tappable, and handled well in the basswood body, i prefer my pickups to be that tiny bit more articulate with notes though.
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