Hey my name's Richard. I'm 17 and in the band Stop Wondering.. our songs range from screamo to acoustic punk to everything inbetween! Please check out our songs! (The one with the nice solo is the first song, Notions on Nothing). I've been playing for about 3 years, and the solo isn't bad if I do say so myself. Enjoy!
Songs good, nice solo!
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Thanks man! I got your add =P Your songs are good too! The solo in Awakening is tactful, I like it. Delay on an acoutic? Nice.
It sounds pretty good. Not really into that kind of music though- Next time you do a mix, lower the drums a little bit they should be a little lower in the mix.
Clean guitar could use some more oomph. Not my cup of tea but you guys do it pretty good.
Thanks guys, I'll keep that in mind. We're gonna try and edit the mastering a little before our next gig.
1 of the best I've heard on these kind of forums maybe the best. Nice solo thats cool. HAv tab?