ok so check it, i just got protools and it says i need M-audio hardware to connect it, which i dont have. and i looked it up and the thing is likr 500 bucks i was wondering, is there a cheaper version of this equipment?

ya i think the thing with protools is that you need an m-audio product for it to work... which i think is pretty rediculous, but i think thats how it works... not 100% sure though.
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You got ProTools without knowing? How? Surely you checked it out before you bought it so you should have known, unless you downloaded it. In which case stop complaining that it doesn't work, it's not like you are loosing out.

If you did actually buy it then just return it if you don't want to fork out for the hardware. What version is it? My interface came with the M-Powered version but i've haven't used it properly yet.
I agree you can't complain if you pirated the software because you haven't really lost anything. But if you didn't then just return it or buy an interface to go with it. By the way the interfaces that use it generally come with the software anyway.
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