Hi, i have been playing guitar for like 9 months now, i can play about anything rhythm that James Hetfield plays, but i want to be a metal-LEAD player. so i wonder if any of you can recommend any solos from metallica(or bands like them) that are easy to learn (i know the solo techniques to play em i presume: hammer-on, pull-offs and bends) and maby make a list from easiest to hardest.

P.S: i didn't find any other threads about this, and i wont even bother looking at the huge "Only metallica-thread" for this, hope all this is well understandable

Thanks in advance and sorry for my ****ty english, I'm Norwegian ^^
I think that the beggining and clean solos in "One" are quite simple.
I have been playing for a little over a year and I can nail them.
I like R&B Slow Jam & Funk songs best. Comment me if you likey.
Pretty much all music is good to me.
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I'd point out Harvester Of Sorrow's solo as their easiest.
Without counting Load and Reload albums, because I never heard those albums.
i have also been playing for 9 months, and i have learned a couple solos from Metallica. Easiest to Hardest of What i've learned.
1. Nothing Else Matters (Really simple)
2.The Unforgiven (still pretty simple, but tougher than #1
3. To Live is to Die (pretty easy, got some fun simple tapping)
4 Fade to Black (this solo takes a little bit to get down. a couple difficult spots for a guitarist only playing 9 months.)
5. Welcome Home 'sanitarium' (i just started learning about a week ago, and so far, pretty easy)
6. One (i went to youtube and watched a couple videos, and found one that had a great explanation, and only took me 2 days to learn it all. i would have thought that i couldnt play that yet, but it is not as hard as you expect.)

I hope this helps
Oooh, shoot. i forgot to tell everybody the ones i know: Fade to black(all except the last one) Master of puppets(all except kirk's last one) The thing that should not be(sounds hard, its a pretty easy solo tho) Sanitarium(the first solo) One (all except last one) and that's about it. i am completely self thought, so if you start to talk A major's or an F-chord, it will be the same as Greek to me :P
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Just to be a ****, can you play Battery completely down picked?

hehe i said i knew "just ABOUT everything" not "everything" he plays. but you have a nice point. i can do battery at a slower speed, but i'm not that fast on the lower strings yet to play it like him, i'm ****ing brilliant on fast picking on the high ones tho, if i might ad xD
Opening solo from Fade to Black (come to think of it, most of the ending solo is pretty easy) and James' solo in The Unforgiven.
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so if you start to talk A major's or an F-chord, it will be the same as Greek to me :P

learn your theory first!
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one (all of them)
the unforgiven
fade to black
ride the lightning
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remember that you can ad solos from bands LIKE metallica to ^^ slayer, black sabbath, led zeppelin and such and such thanks for all the respond btw amazing assistance