Ok, so this is my first cover and my first time ever singing anything so go easy on me

And I know the vocals suck it's just to keep it interesting, although I do think I did ok at the end.


It's in my profile
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Hey man thanks for the kind words on the cover, mind blowing quality on your guitar here, really took me back. As you've mentioned with your vocals i wouldnt say they fit the style perfectly, there seems to be a slight lack of commitment/confidence behind them, you have a grasp of pitch somewhat, so why not push it? Anyway, awesome sounding guitar, would love to know how you're recording that, can never get a good electric recording. Awesome work.
Thank you.

The thing with the vocals is its the first time I've really sang anything, and I am in my dorm room trying to be kinda quiet so people in the hall don't hear me making a fool outta myself haha. Hopefully I'll do a bit better next time.

On the guitar I just have an Ibanez RG321 goin to a Roland Cube 15x going to a Tascam US-144 going to Cubase LE4. I had the rhythm part panned all the way right and the lead all the way left. I think I had a little reverb on the rhythm and then had quite a bit of reverb on the lead with a little tremolo.
The guitar parts are just about flawless. Great work. Pushing your vocals as audiorapist said would help, but I understand you were trying to keep it down. Awesome