i guess this belongs in the drug thread but im to lazy to put it in there. well all my friends smoke pot and im the only1 that doesn't, 1 of my friends (the biggest pot head of all of them) say smokeing only helps if ur playing clean stuff with lots of chorus and reverb. my other friend (he doesn't smoke that much but hes just a huge dick) says that smokeing makes u play like a legend no matter what ur playing, he also says that all the good bands never play sober and only fags don't smoke. well I'm better then both of them, im 14 and i have ben playing or about 2 years and i could shred circles around both of them without pot. what do u guys think?

iv never ben around them when there high so i can't judge how good they play when there baked.
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why are you asking us? You're already better. Don't smoke if you don't want to.
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this post has aids
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No. There's a reason they call it dope.

*Family Guy reference*
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What doesn't weed make better.

Edit: Without weed, There wouldn't be music that I like. Led Zep smoked weed.

Hell Hendrix dosed so much before concerts I can't believe he actually could still play.
Any spelling or grammatical errors written above are because of my inferior brain to yours. Good job, you won life.
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No dude, you need to start smoking. The first time you get stoned SRV appears and hands you a membership card like the one you get at Sam's Club. You get more awesome licks than you could ever possibly need.
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Weed doesn't make you play better, if anything you'll play sloppier. You'll think that you sound better, you're not really playing better though.

All weed does for me is make me eat any food in my vicinity and then crash.
I think it does. Not because it automatically makes your technique better or anything like that, it brings down your physchological barriers that might inhibit you from giving the music you are playing your all.

At least for me, it helps me just let go and let the music come from my soul and not from my head. And that makes a big difference.
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