I was trying to answer a question for P-Bass Pirate, about wiring with what was available. I just realized I had another option.

I've gotten in a pinch before, trying to finish a guitar quickly, only to find I didn't have enough wire on hand. Then I realized I had an old VCR laying around, that was about to go to Goodwill, so I cracked it open. Older models have lots of wires, of many colors, that are the right gauge for wiring a guitar/bass. I've actually totally wired a few guitars this way, and all are still cooking. It may not work for you, but it did for me.
hmm...I believe my parents may have trashed the broken one we had.=[

Sounds like a good source to me though.=]
Leave it to the Dr. to take an innocent suggestion, and make it into something nasty.

I hope you're proud of yourself
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you can get some nice 20-24 gauge threaded wire from radio shack for cheap.

I know LP, but they were closed. I was improvising.