FS: Agile AD20Q - $100 plus shipping

This is from a very limited run of Agile acoustics from about 4 or so years ago. I received it new for Christmas when they first came out.

Specs (from memory):

Top: Curly Maple (quilt, basically)
Sides: Maple
Back: Maple
Neck: Maple (soft v contour)
Fretboard: Rosewood
Bridge: Rosewood
Tuners: Grover (gold)
Frets: 20
Made in Korea

The guitar is in excellent condition. The only small cosmetic issue is a bit of excess glue in the corner of the teardrop pickguard. Though, you'd probably never notice it unless I mentioned it. For an all-laminate guitar, it sounds amazing--the tone is fairly balanced and quite full sounding. The action is low and comfortable, and the guitar plays very well. I can't recall exactly what gauge the strings are, but I believe they are D'addario 13's.

This was my main acoustic for years, despite getting more expensive acoustics along the way trying to replace it. But I always ended up selling the more expensive ones in favor of this one. However, it was given to me by an ex-girlfriend, so I'm not terribly fond of looking at it anymore. Otherwise, I'd definitely keep it.

This would be an excellent guitar for any beginning acoustic player or for an electric player, who wants to have an acoustic around to play.

Ships with a NICE Taylor canvas (thickly) padded gigbag.

Levy's PM28HM strap - $15 shipped

This is a very cool strap. The top looks like crinkled gold foil underneath a layer of vinyl. The back is genuine leather (black). The buckle is a belt buckle style buckle. It's also got a leather tie for an acoustic. It's in basically new condition.

Korg GA-30 tuner - $10 shipped

This is a standard guitar tuner. It's one of the most popular models. How can you go wrong for $10? It's in excellent cosmetic condition and is fully functional. Box and manual included.

PM if interested.

Paypal or USPS MO.
No one is looking for an inexpensive acoustic? This is WAY better than anything you'll find in this price range!