m having problems after completing the wiring for the boost. my volume pot is really sensitive and with my amp volume barely on (< 9:00) and my guitar volume on 10 it is mildly overdriving the amp. my amp is a epi Vjr. this is with no boost on. i have it wired the same way that it shows on the diagram except i had to move the TBX to the back pot and the boost in the middle. my pickups are Lace Hot Golds. anybody who has installed this kit i would appreciate your help. was it like this for you??? could i have put the 250k pot in the volume and the 50k for the boost pot??? or should i put a 250k pot instead of the 50k pot for the volume?? it just seems really loud as compared to before and the pickups are around the same output.i know the boost is always on but it is not always adding drive. i have listened to every demo available and i never get their clean tone and there drive just sounds creamy and mine sounds harsh. could it be my amp is too small (Epi valve jr 5 watt combo). thanks for your help.
Well...it is a "boost"...

I did pretty much what you did. I had Lace Gold Sensors, and added the kit after. I use a Fender Blues Junior NOS (15w tube). What I noticed is that on any setting, when the tone (middle pot) is at 5, and the Boost (bottom pot) is at 0, the guitar sounds very similar to what it did before...the volume control isn't much more sensitive.

When I push the amp to create a bit of overdrive sound, and turn up the boost pot, the volume increases very slightly, but tons of compression and sustain are added, along with a good boost of signal, creating a very nice rock / blues rock sound.

Without seeing how you wired the guitar, it would be very difficult to see what you did wrong....

FYI, on clean settings, the mid-boost kit can do some funky things. It makes muffled sounds, sort of cave sounds (but not cool like cave reverb settings...it's actually very hard to listen to). My best advice would be to try it with boost off when you're playing through a clean setting, and then turn it up when you get some dirty sounds from the amp.

Good Luck
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