Definition of cheap would help. A 50 dollar neck isnt going to be any better than whats on the guitar now.
I have a near mint fender - squire series maple neck I can sell you. Is says fender rather than squire and has all the hardware. I can go 120 on it, inlcuding shipping.
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or check ebay for eden guitar necks.
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Those GFS ones really aren't too bad! I don't like the maple one I played but the rosewood looks classy and feels like it costs... uhh... more than it does
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I was checking out the GFS ones... anyone know the dimensions of the one that fits a strat body?
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I've got a mahogany neck with a maple fingerboard no inlays on front and stainless steel frets. The problem is it's 21 frets and so the fingerboard angles up a little from the heel so the 22nd fret wouldn't be there. If your interested pm me and I'll send you pics I'll let it go for a good price. I've been saving it for an experimental guitar project that probably isn't going to be happening.
Hey man the EDEN necks on eBay are great and you can get them for about $40-$50. The frets leave a little to be desired, but for $45 or so they are a steal. I'm using one in this build, and it's as good a plain ol' hard maple neck as you can get after a re-fret: click-a-roo.
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the necks stewmac sells are might mite necks.
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