hey guys, im getting a LP style kit for design at school and wanted to know a couple of things before i order it.

First, the kit i get comes with chrome hardware and cream accessories, i was just wondering it its possible to paint/ powder coat that kind of stuff.

Also, if you paint over a pickup, will it ruin the tone of your guitar?

Do you guys think I should paint the parts or buy new ones in the colour i want?

Thanks in advance!
You could powder coat the hardware, but not spray paint it. And for the prices hardware goes for on E-bay, you'd be cheaper to buy new than have it powder coated. As for painting the pickups, they make plastic pickup covers in almost any color you can think of.

What kit, all kits are usually Shi[\b]t:
Warped Necks
Badly made bodies
Cheapest pickups ever
Worst hardware

Buy all the parts from a well known manufacturer