I have a Randall RG50TC tube amp, it is a relatively cheap amp, and it sounded just ok when i bought it. First i put in some JJ tubes, and it improved the sound a little bit. Next i bought a $200 FUlltone OCD Overdrive pedal. I was quite dissapointed, as the sound didnt change much at all.

I had been thinking of changing the speaker for some time, it came with a Celestion 70/80, which in Australia retails for about 130 bucks. I didnt think that i would notice much of a difference with a speaker change, especially since i had chosen to go with a Vintage 30 which retails for about 200 bucks, and is evidently not that much more expensive than a 70/80.

After installing the new speaker, i was absolutely blown away by the difference in sound. It sounded like a completely different amp. The other thing i noticed was that the effect of the o/d pedal was much more pronounced with the new speaker.

I found little info on the effects of a speaker change before i did it, and all the vids on youtube i couldnt really hear the difference, but the change is seriously unbelievable.

So i just thought id share my experience with this speaker swap, and encourage anyone with a cheaper tube amp to consider changing the speaker before messing around with tubes and o/d pedals, as i found this to be the best value mod, and it transformed my amp to a far greater extent than a tube change or adding an o/d.

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i like the vintage 30. its odd that you like the sound that much more immediately after the change as the speaker is in need of some breaking in... but hey good news it can only get better from there.
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yeah, people underestimate how much of a difference speaker swaps will make...
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