ok I posted in the amp suggestion thread but my post got kinda lost in the mess of it so here is my repost. sorry

Current Amp: ****ty Frontman 15G

Level of play:


Music: obviously Metallica, Maiden, Ozzy, Judas Priest, any other metal/thrash

Use: home use/practice by myself

Budget: flexible but I want something somewhat in line with my skill. I COULD buy a 600 dollar amp but that isn't going to do me much good as I muddle my way through Sandman or something. 200 or less is much more realistic but I do want it to sound good.

oh and someone recommended Vox VT15 or a Roland Cube 60w but the 60w seems overkill for me. 30x maybe? thoughts?
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First off, there is a little button called "edit" - use it next time. Double posts are kinda frowned upon.

Second, 200 isn't going to get you a very good amp. However if thats all you're willing to spend then look into the Roland Cube series and the Peavey Vypyr series.

Third, welcome to UG!
Buy a Blackstar HT-5 combo and an OD pedal.
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well right now the amp I'm using is actually my sister's and it just plays this awful high pitch squeal when it is turned on and it stays there. anything is a step up from that garbage.

what do you think about the roland cube 30x
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how about the Kirk Hammett Randall series? idk what they cost, though


The SS models are overpriced, mediocre amps - definitely not worth the money.

The tube model will be far too expensive (I think its around $2000 for the head alone) and its pretty much just a glorified version of the RM100.
yeah I figured a kirk hammett signature amp would be overpriced like all things signature . (yes I know what guitar I'm using)
a few of my buds have the cubes i think they sound pretty decent i havnt run them through and rigorous testing tho...
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ok so I'm looking to the peavey vypyr 30 and roland cube 30x. anyone have any more ideas? I'll probably go to the store and see what they really sound like so anybody have any more ideas on what to try out?
If you can stretch for it, maybe a Randall RG50TC?
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Id say save your money until you have atleast $500. Go to guitar center and just look at the options you can find there, then save, and buy it later.
Maybe a Vypyr 30w or a Cube 30x from what I've heard you can't go wrong with any of those.

In other hand, how do you like your guitar?
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