This seemed semi-presentable. Just tell me what you think. Pretty rough draft as of now. C4C

Witchcraft and Stupidity

The inner workings of corporate America
Can be seen for miles
From the water tower downtown
As the ancient notion of killing yourself to live
Shoves its way into my line of thinking
It quietly takes its place
Between dreaded dentist appiontments
And the effects of pollutants on brine shrimp eggs

Welcome to the land of witchcraft and prostitution!
I watch life unfold from above
People pound their fists on the pavement
Beating each other with crosses
Survival of the fittest in its purest form

Left hand touch right
Touch burning sweet metal
Caught in a bloddy stalemate
The consequence of severed, writhing, capilary veins
And government dictation of sobriety

I have come to their rescue
The Jesus of opposition
Or the Satan that amounts to all the same things
All death by stringed intruments is stopped
As soon as my feet slide onto the grass
Pubic hair stands on end
Silence is their sole defence

Right hand touch left hand
Touch cloud with my raised hands
A birthday wish gone bad
I'm forced to intervene
Welcome to the land of witchcraft and stupidity

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"Some even claim that I'm a terror, a dictator and they're right." - Lou Reed

^I have no idea what the hell you're on


Anyway, on the song, I will get to this ASAP. I feel obliged after whatever the hell that was.