I've come to realize that, even after trying to learn solos from other songs, all of my solos, for lack of a better term, end up sounding...happy.

I've learned most of the positions of the major scale and the pentatonic scale but not much beyond that...is there something I'm doing wrong? I can't seem to make a solo that sounds, let's say, br00tal. All of my solos seem uplifting.
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I bet you could play the same thing with different phrasing and it would sound completely different.

even just changing a couple major resolutions could change the feel completely.
learn minor scales
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locrian mode of the Hungarian minor!
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Use some harmonic minor, that sounds sad, and just throw notes from the Aeolian into your pentatonics.

Some of the theory guys will probably shoot this down, but it sounds alright to me :P
It's got nothing to do with what scale you use, it's about the individual notes and particualr intervals you choose from within that scale, but more importantly how you arrange them and how you physically articulate the notes. If you keep throwing staccato major thirds, 5ths and octaves into your soloing chances are it's going to sound happy.
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