Hey guys
I've got a crappy little amp that came with my guitar when I brought it, Just a cort in one of those packs, And now decided to get a better amp. I'm now using a new guitar, Epiphone SG Special, And want to get a better amp. I wanna try and play stuff like paramore, bullet for my valentine, etc.

In my local store, These are the amps I have come down to in my price range. Would they be alright?

Behringer V-AMPIRE LX1-112 2x50 watt Guitar Amplifier

Behringer V-Ampire LX210 2x60watt Guitar Modelling Amplifier


Behringer GMX212 2x50 watt V-Tone Guitar Amplifier

Behringer LX112 Vampire Combo Amp


Are you planning on gigging?
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Squire bp 15. I know its a bass amp, But I love how my guitar sounds on it. xD

But hey, I'm new to this stuff.
^DO NOT get a Spider III!!!! It's a horrible amp as well. And don't say that I wouldn't know, I have the dang thing. Now, I'm starting to doubt that that's $450 American? Is it $450 Aussie?

Anyway, check this out if it's within your range: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Blackheart-BH5-112-5W-1x12-Little-Giant-Tube-Combo-Amp-481675-i1387317.gc

And if not able to afford the Little Giant, then this: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Blackheart-Killer-Ant-BH1H-1W-Tube-Guitar-Amp-Head-488006-i1427216.gc along with this: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Epiphone-Valve-Junior-1X12-Extension-Cab-104302591-i1176530.gc

Trust me, you will REALLY thank me for starting you out on a tube amp. As you get better and your ear develops, this amp will still sound good to you unlike the other beginner amps you could get. Although I'm not sure it can cover BFMV very well, you'll still love it!

You live in Australia. Get a Epiphone Valve Junior combo ($300) and a Digitech bad monkey ($100)


can't find the bad monkey on allans music but i found this.


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All of the Roland modeling amps are excellent. My favorite is the MicroCube on account of its portability and because it can be run on 6 AA batteries for 20+ hours.

Some of the lower wattage VOX amps that are tube/solid state hybrids are also worth a look (they're modeling amps, too).

Best advice for a beginner is to get a modeling amp that has a headphone out and some kind of MP3 input as well. These feature work well for practicing.
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