Hey dudes and dudettes...im a metal and hair band player most of the time, but im an all around music lover. I'm a huge john mayer fan (weird for a metal dude, but come on! hes a great songwriter! except "say" horrible song...) anyways, i have an ibanez ex series that was custom ordered, and so its too heavy, and a guitar i rebuilt that is pretty much the same sound wise, since i put identical pickups in. So i'm in the mood to make a purchase for my lighter side...JM as well as things like the Chilli Peppers and such....and i'm looking for something that will give me something close to the sound, but relatively cheap, as im starting college soon.....any advice??? thanks!
Both those guys use strats, cant go wrong with one the MIM Fenders are reasonably priced.

Edit: You would need some sort of clean amp too though
alright thanks for the MIM thought, but ive been lookin through them, and i havent read good things about Mexican made models....are they really that bad, or is it just us americans bein picky again?
I think a lot of it is snobbery, people trying to justify spending 1000+ dollars, when a 400$ guitar plus 150 set of pickups sounds just as good, its all in the fingers anyway.

If you have a little more money, the Highway One line is supposed to be good, my Guitar Teacher uses a modified Highway One Tele.
I would imagine a Highway One would fit you quite well. SSS or HSS config? I think that you would want SSS since that is what both Frusciante and Mayer use, cause all of Frusciante's guitars are like vintage 60's guitars and there was no HSS strat then.
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