Hey I just bought second hand a 1973 Yamaha SG-65!!! one of the first of the SG line made, besides the odd scratch or 2 its in fantastic condition and I got it for only $480 Australian!!!....I havnt really played it yet and only bought it due to the price. Up untill now I've been souly a stratocaster player so does anyone know what the old Yamaha SG range were like???? I wont be able to play it for a few more days since I dont pick it up till thursday, so if anyone knows what kind of sound it gives i'd love to hear opinions and feedback etc.
All I can say is ugly.
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it just looks like a smaller les paul...too be honest it looks really nice, nice single cut away and a woodgrain natural finish...feels great too, I'm just bummed i didn have the time to play it heaps.
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All I can say is ugly.

Don't listen to him, he must be blind.
I know nothing about them, but I just looked up some pics, looks very nice.
What colour?
It will probably have a different feel than a stratocaster.
I've never tried one, but from the looks of it, it seems like it would feel like an lp, thick neck, dual humbuckers, looks heavy.
I have no idea though, this is all just guesswork for me.
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http://imageevent.com/chingo123/october2008/yamahasg65nat3667 heres some pics...missing a mother of pearl frett marker...easily replaced...missing the back part to a machine head...got some gotoh's to replace it with anyways....$480 australian from some depserate Joe....Though I've seen them fo between 1 to 2.5 grand the early 70's SG's were just as good as the later SG1000 and SG2000's but wernt as popular. but I remember a time when you couldnt give 70's strats away...now look.
It looks like someone tried to make a les paul and cut away too much of the body.... and i dunno why they felt the need to cover the entire back with a plastic cover.....

lol either way if you like it thats all that matters! Enjoy your new guitar!
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Yeah, I have a Yamaha from the '70s thats meant to be a 1000 pounds and I was given it because someone didn't want it because it was taking up room in their house XD but mine is a double cut Les Paul

and that's a mutant LP not an SG mate
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jeez some yamaha sg trashin goin on!!!....Santana played one b4 PRS endorsed him you know. I love the look and feel of it, i just wanna know what they sound like, im assuming they sound like an lp or sg but im not sure.