ok well this is for a mate she is in year 12 now doing her HSC she needs something to write her music on but she doesnt want to pay for it but it needs to be able to write drums which i odnt think powertab uses i and i cant find my guitar pro CD isnt there another program that runs both powertab and guitar pro

does anyone know what its called

im not sure if there is another program that will read both file types. tell her to to fork the cash over for the program. its worth it.
guitar pro reads both files, and you could just download a free version of that
search for 'free guitar pro download' on google, see what comes up. thats how i got mine anyway. it can't play all files, but 90% of the time it'll be fine.
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she found the torrent for it but im sure there was another program mentioned on here ages ago that did the same thing.

Tuxguitar maybe??
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Tuxguitar maybe??

Yep, TuxGuitar. I use it myself and its great. Free and runs both Guitar Pro and Powertab. TS, TuxGuitar should solve your friend's problem.
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tuxguitar will be best... haven't used it. If you want very good sound, you could torrent guitar pro...
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Thanks for the heads up on TuxGuitar - I was considering dropping €60 on GuitarPro, but the only thing I use it for is the rhythm. If I want to get the correct sound then I just listen to the song, so TG works perfectly and is free.

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