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Blackheart Little Giant
10 23%
Blackstar HT-5
34 77%
Voters: 44.
OK I've deleted the last thread, time for a poll!

A little catch:

Blackstar - 470$
Blackheart - 270$

Both are heads

Style is rock/metal, with a metal muff

hope I make my decision after this!

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Versus the Little Giant? Blackstar, compare it to the Handsome Devil and you have more of a fight there.
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the blackstar can handle metal on its own, the blackheart cant
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I dunno I haven't heard it Had to make an educated decision based on youtube and the rest of the internet. Hopefully I don't get disappointed. Worst case I sell it or cancel it (as I made an order for it via credit card, it's in Israel right now) but it was the last one and the only one I could find in either Israel or Canada.

I need a cab now The stock blackstar one costs much and I want a better cab anyway. One of my very few options is a Framus Dragon 2x12 with Celestion Vintage 30s. It's about 500$ here though... Which from what I see is pretty cheap. What do you guys say about it? I could bring a lightweight 1x12 with me on the plane I think, will have to send it as check-in baggage though...
The blackstar cabs aren't bad and anyone who thinks so for the money is MUPPET.

Anyway seeing as you have only have the head, make sure you do get a good 2x12 cab.
I did not say they were bad, it's just really expensive here it seems.... My options are that Framus or a Randall MTS with the same speakers Will look for more...
oops i accidentally voted for blackheart, i meant to vote for BLACKSTAR
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I got the blackstar head yesteday, but my dad took it away, cause its my birthday present and its my birthday TOMORROW!!!

I was playing it for 5 hours tho before he took it. Amazing amp. BUT I wouldnt get the mini stack, buy a totally separate cab, like marshall or orange. I got the Marshall 2X12 1936 cab.

Awesome sounds, loud enough for gigging i reckon as well.

Has a decent amount of gain on it to. No reverb though.

The isf control is amazing as well. To left and you get american sounds, right to get british. And uve got your regular EQ to build on that as well.

Totally recommend it, but not the mini cabs you can get it with, get the head then a decent 2X12 cab.

EDIT: ok this is an old thread you got the blackstar... good choice lol
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