hey there ug, i know i had a thread similar but seeing as there is no edit
anyways i can make a custom a/b/y pedal and you choose how many inputs, outputs, switches, leds etc you want and how big you want the enclosure and what it needs to be made of. just tell me what you want it to do and all that crap above and ill make it for you and i only charge parts+postage+a bit of money for manwork.
i still do all the pedal mods etc.... and i might start making budget $20au boosters soon.

so heres what i can do:
custom boxes that can have what you want (tone, volume, killswitch, tb etc.. ask)
a box that reduces humm from powersupply
input mixers (upto 5 inputs 1 output)
standard tone control box
standard volume control box
signal splitters
most pedal mods (inc true bypass)
and maybe some footswitches for amps.
and as i said above i dont have a set price but it will depend on how cheap i can get parts. if you want more than 5 items you get a discount.
a big discount if you want toggle instead of stomp switches.

ok so if your interested post here and ill pm you to discuss
note: this is for aussies only unless you want to pay shipping.