all i did was disconnect the battery clip and wire 2 in series (red wires to black wires) and there is only a very very faint output like there was no battery in there. My voltmeter is giving me the right voltage but when plugged in there is little or no signal. what the hell have i done wrong? it was working before this fine
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Have you checked your wiring diagram? Make sure you've done everything right. You may also have a bad solder joint
I read on another forum that while it's safe to mess up with 9v, you can fry the preamp if it's wired backwards with 18v. The EMG website's FAQ might say more... I'm not much help here but I'd advise you proceed with caution.

EDIT- I rechecked the source. EMG's tech support officially said that while the pickups are rated to 27v, they can be killed by as little as -18v if it was reverse polarity. Hope this isn't the case! Good luck.
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