I'm looking to start saving up for a new guitar. I believe after 2 years of playing everyone deserves a treat I have my heart set on getting something that has an easier neck to play on than my SG but similar fret access. I have small hands.

I'm also trying to get into shred and the like, so I'd like to have a pretty good trem system. I wanna learn some tricks with it.

Price range is 500$-700$ US.
the RR3 has a Jackson LFR unless you get the special paint job one which is way cheaper but its a string through body with Duncan designed.

Anyway as far as Jackson goes:

S series around those prices
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Vipers come into mind when you say similar to an SG, and every ESP/upper end LTD is awesome for shredding, but they don't come with trems.

EDIT: LTD does make strat shaped models with trems, like this one.

EDIT 2: I forgot, GC doesnt sell ESP >.<. Sorry.

If you can save up a bit more or find one used, definatly look into a Shecter Hellraiser C-1 FR.

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For shredding, Ibanez RG's are tried and true. They're tough to beat. But its all up to you. Just go to guitar center and play some guitar's. And take home the one that feels the best in your hands and sounds the best in your ears, but Ibanez is a good place to start. I would also check out Jackson, Schecter, and Esp.
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