get that sh** recorded, with some vocals...that is some good stuff
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I love it!!!!

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Very nice.

I think it would be better if you added church bells to the seashore thing, since the song is called "Ever been to a wedding?". It would fit the theme nice.

I like how you used the synth too. Most bands that have synth in this genre usually just have him hold a chord for the entire song, but this synth is nice.

I do think it gets a bit repetitive the way you use pretty much the main riff the entire time.

Also, that buildup you start at 87 that just leads to the main riff again. I think if you changed it to something different, it would make the song more interesting.

But yeah, good song. 7.5/10
That was really good. It's rare to see really good metalcore on here.

I can't really give a detailed crit, since it's predominantly just one riff, but it's used amazingly well. You practically used it dry though... as stated previously, you should probably change the riff after the build up. Maybe a more melodic, chordal thing? That seems like it would be a good place for a chorus.

The seashores in the intro sounded really good, and set the stage for what's to come. I think a good church organ ending with a plagal cadence (IV-I) would work wonders with setting that theme of a wedding. Or you could go online and get the wedding theme melody, or figure it out yourself and play it over the seashore. :] Just an idea.

The first breakdown, even though it came out of nowhere, actually fit it very will. And even the D worked with it, which was a surprise. Usually first fret tri-tones don't work very well in songs that don't stray out of key very often.

A really good song :] I can definitely see some improvement and confidence in your songwriting now.

I give it a 9.5/10 as it seems very cliche to me. Check out a band named Bless the Fall. It reminds me of them. But in my area everything is chugging, so it seems a bit run-down for me. That's just a personal qualm though. Really good song :]

Hey this stuff is really good. The seashore effects were awesome. I was enjoying it till about bars 53-60. That part just seemed unnecessary to me. After that part was good, and the breakdown was so awesome.

The keys are a really nice touch. Don't really find that in this style of music (or at least as much as you should)

Overall some pretty good stuff you have going on here, if you ever record this, let me know, I'd like to hear it.

Care to crit mine?
That was REALLY good for metalcore. And quite possibly the best use of a riff I've seen. I mean, it's not the best idea to use it all for one song even here, but, you used it in about the best way possible. It's nice how you change the compositions around it. And it was interesting, which is almost unheard of in metalcore these days.

Crit mine? (Whichever seems more appealing, they're both in the sig)
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Thank you all guys. I will crit yours.

+ I wasn't going for metalcore, that's why it sounds good. I hate metalcore, I realize how close it sounds but it's suppose to be closer to Hardcore, Breakbeat, Electronic stuff like that, hence the keyboard and the way the drums are. xD
Really Good Song, Like Everyone I Like The Sea Shore At The Beginning, And I Also Enjoy The Guitar You Chose (Zakk Wilde Lead), I Didn't Know It Sounded That Good, I May Start Using It More Often ^^. Anyway, Thats A Good, But Too Bad There Is So Many Instruments. 9.5/10, I Hope You Will Record This. Are You In A Band?
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I'm so glad other people on here actually listen to the 'scene' metalcore bands.

I loved it, If it were a song I'd actually listen to it and buy the band's CD. Good job, I'd love to see some more stuff like this from you dude.
I'm really liking this piece - the intro is really effective with the harmonis leading the way in for the recurring riff we hear throughout the song (that riff I may add is pretty good, but like many otehrs said, a tad overused? ). Bar 37 to 52 reminds me a lot of Enter Shikari, esp. with the was you got the snyth to work as it's constantly changing which kinda' gives it the main stage, a nice touch.

I like the sudden change to a darker tone before leading into that familair riff. The part after )bars 79 - 102) would word really well if you actually recorded this and put a faint melodic vocal over the top. 151 - 159 is mediocre at best for a breakdown as it is just the typical chugging but the harmonics fading out into the seashore noise (odd choice of sound effect may I add? Holster for a synth effect?) which ends the song nicely.

Overall - 9/10, maybe with a bit of touching up (variation in some riffs) and listening other peoples comments as well as my own, this could easily be a very individual song.

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Even if you're not that fond of it, heck leave a comment.
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I'm so glad other people on here actually listen to the 'scene' metalcore bands.

I loved it, If it were a song I'd actually listen to it and buy the band's CD. Good job, I'd love to see some more stuff like this from you dude.

If it were a song.

No, I know what you mean, well. I'm young still, 15, so I've got to get a job and buy more gear, but this one will be recorded, I promise, it's one of my favorites.
First of all I'd call it metalcore, but then again music is music and labels suck.

now for the crit part ( just got my hands on the midi though)
I like the effect you start with, the riff after that gets a good vibe in the song.
the third riff doesn't sound really right to me (0:57 - 1:06 ) It doesn't fit. It doesn't sound harmonic to the riff before it. maybe change it to the same key? (not sure here though , like I stated , only got my hands on the midi). and then again it's just the main riff, which I find pretty good, you could have added some variety here and there though (maybe a solo somewhere), because the song get's monotone after a while. but the thing that got to me the most was the nice harmonic sound on the guitars , really good job on that I really couldn't do it any better (I would do it worse xD) . and I just read that you're just 15 , I'm 17 and I can't write stuff like that, so imo you got the talent and it sounds like the genre fits you well.
good song, would fit nice on an album. Overall : 8.5/10

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