Hey guys... now I have my new amp, I'm going to try and sell my BOSS multi-FX unit as I have stompboxes for most of the effects I want, and take the money from that and add a little bit more to get a Wah pedal and an EQ.

For the wah pedal, I've been looking at the Dunlop 535Q, I like the versatility of it, and the Slash Signature Wah looks appealing too. Unfortunately, my local music store only stocks the Cry Baby and the Hendrix Cry Baby pedals and nothing else, so I can't really experiment with them. I've heard good things about the Weeping Demon also, bad things about the BOSS V-Wah or whatever its called. Any others I could look into?

And as far as the EQ pedal goes, I've mainly been looking at the MXR 6 and 10 band EQ pedals... I don't know all that much about EQ pedals though, any others I should consider?

Budget... really not that high right now, I'm moving for uni in 2 weeks so I won't have much to spend, but I can save up for a while if I have to.

Styles... Varied, I play a lot of rock and metal songs, but I tend to branch out... sometimes I get bored and play techno music or classical music on my guitar. Main influences would be Guns N Roses, RHCP, Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine, Metallica, Dire Straits, Queen, Santana.
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Should you get the slash wah, don't forget its not 9v but 18v. Order the wrong adapter :P stupid me...
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Dunlop Crybaby (Slash one seems pretty good) and yes the MXR 10 band is pretty standard (which is good)...

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I see that you influences are wildly varying (Which is good, I'm like that too) Anyway Queen RHCP and Santana would be done well by a Vox Wah (I have one, love it) I also like the Dimebag signature Wah, preferred it to the Slash Wah. Never tried the Weeping Demon, but i think its more of a metal wah. But yeah the 535Q would be pretty good of you, not the best at the lower gain levels, but better than the Vox at the high gain levels.
Usually Dunlop wahs need some mods before they're that good, but if you're handy with a soldering iron, by all means, have at it. Otherwise, try looking into Vox. If you're using a high gain amp, the Weeping Demon is fine; that's what it's for.

The MXR 10-Band is pretty much the standard around here, but if you can solder, you could build your own for less.