Still looking for a drummer, vocals, a second guitarist, and a bassist. Note that second guitarist does not mean rhythm, and that we will share leads. I'm in Southgate. It's by Taylor, Woodhaven, Allen Park, Riverview.. get the idea?

this time I'd liek you to email me, I check it more often. ledout2311@aim.com.
is there anything that you won't play. just to help give a general idea.
(='.'=)Help the Bunny
my favorites are blues, general rock, The Black Crowesy southern rock, and metal, minus growls and screams, I like clean vocals. Country I've never really been into, alternative like nirvana is ok, alternative like alice in chains is better, nu metal I won't play. Punk isn't challenging enough for me, but I wouldn't mind doing a few covers I guess. Again, basically anything with shred I can't do yet, but I do love the sound and am learning. I do NOT want to be a classic rock revival band, although that's where my roots are. Prog is a little to complicated for me.

Good? I tend to think I have a very high musical tolerance, so it's not like whatever you like will be frowned upon as" the wrong thing", I'd rather have a wide variety of tastes, you know?
Do you know where the Coldwater/Hillsdale area is? About where I'm at. I play a lot of punk and the like, bassist of course.
My Equipment:
Tom DeLonge Epiphone sig.
Squire Strat

Mark Hoppus Sig.
Fender Jazz Bass
Squire 5 string

Amps: (I live in an apartment complex)
Peavy Vyper 30 W (For the guitars)
Peavy Max 126 26 W (For the basses)
Nirvana, Alice in chains; Alternative?

That is grunge my friend.

I like a wide variety, though my influences don't nearly extend into jazz at all, really. I am located out of Algonac, MI, though, and I can play drums.

Let me know if your interested.