Hi guys I want to get a seven string guitar so I could get that low end like Korn....I know they play Ibanez guitars but I was wondering ...If I get a seven string that was not Ibanez would it have the same low end sound as an ibanez.....could I be able to play Korn songs on it as well.
a seven string is a seven string
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Yes. The low string is a B, in 7 string standard.

I can play Iron Maiden, which was recorded on Strats, with my Ibanez. Sounds fine. Yours will too.
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I'm glad he handled it calmly. Joe Satriani should realize that with only 7 notes in the world, some songs are going to sound similar.

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My friend is the same way, got into 7's just to play Korn. Their music is stupidly simple. But to each their own. I believe Korn tune's their 7's to A. (Full step down).