I'm looking for a distortion pedal that sounds good and doesn't suffer serious volume loss being placed after a wah pedal (Dunlop 535Q). Placing it before the wah pedal isn't going to cut it either because it just doesn't sound right to me. I've been using my amp's distortion channel for awhile but I'm looking to upgrade to a more reliable, simpler, old Musicman head, hence the need for a distortion pedal.

Good point. Right nowI'm using a B-52 AT-100. Honestly, I like the way the amp sounds. However, it's SO unreliable, it's become more of a headache than I can stand. I am looking for a fairly heavy distortion pedal. Looking for some kind of modern distortion sound.
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thats a terrible reason to get a distortion pedal, if the amp totally broke down, how would having a distortion pedal help?

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Oh no, I'm well aware that wouldn't help a busted amp. However, the music man amp I'm buying is built like a tank it just lacks distortion of any kind.