After the 3rd time of ordering a new guitar (im hopefully settled on this one) once again i have had major delays.

My first order was an Epi goth sg which i ordered back in october and probably still wouldn't have by now; then i cancelled and ordered a Epi prophecy, once again delays expected. As these were both Epis and Gibson/Epiphone are going through a new manufacturer process, it's allowed, however i recently ordered an ESP FX-260 from dv247 and just recieved an email saying im going to be waiting even longer...

Does anyone know if it's the same problem and how long am i going to be waiting?
Are you ordering it because they have none in stock? Or because there's something special about it? Normally, ordering a guitar usually means it's going to take some time to get to your store. Don't expect next-day delivery on it. Just get something you REALLY REALLY want, and then stay patient.

I had to special order a lefty guitar from Guitar Center. I ordered it in July, and got it late September early October. It may just be the Epiphone brand (or perhaps the store you ordered it from?) because those guitar types are in high demand.
Yeah that's danger signs at this time of year and with not much credit available. I got my 12-string from H&S in Germany after a 3 month wait (with regular updates and re-assurances) but within a couple of months their site was down and nothing from their phone line. Just as well the guitar was way beyond my wildest hopes.
At best your dealer is simply not stocking what he's selling. ESP batch produce like every other manufacturing company and you have to wait until they make a run of that model. I'd predict a lot of confusion, delays and similar problems in the coming months.
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ok then

i have played it in my local shop and it was awesome there so i guess it's a good wait