I want to buy a new amp but I dont really know what to buy. I got a zoom g9.2tt effectpedal, so i want as less as possible effects on the amp and around 30 watt. I mainly play rock/metal. My budget is around 400€ (500 $)
Any suggestions?

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This seems to be a repeating problem. Folks, if you're going to ask us to help spend your money, at least tell us how much we have to work with. Thanks.
Have a look at the Peavey Valveking 112. I've got a stock 112, but a lot of the guys like to buy these and mod them with new tubes and a speaker. It's a tube amp with two channels and 50 watts. Check it out at your local guitar shop.

Thanks for posting your budget.
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Do you have a 30 watt version of that one too? because 50 watt is a bit too much

They don't make a 30 watt version of the Valveking. If you want to, you could check out some used Classic 30's. They're supposedly better than the Valveking (haven't tried the Classic 30, but I own the Valveking), and they are only 30 watts.