Before you say I know it's a Bob Dylan song!
So what does everyone think of My Chemical Romance's version of Desolation Row? It's very weird... Good MCR are back though, I like 'em
I defecate all over my clothes to get extra protected
Roses are Red
Violets are Bitchin
God Dammit Woman
Get Back in the Kitchen
Do not say you like MCR round the pitmonkeys.

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Rap is music,far better than metal for example. id much rather hear about hoes and anal sex than dragons and supressed homosexuality.
It is better than most of their stuff, and they've lost a large amount of their emo faggotry.

So yes, it's an improvement.
ᶌῖᶌα ɭα ɌεᶌσɭƲʈιʘϰ
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Did anybody notice it is actually a song by bob dylan?:O

Did anybody notice that was mentioned in the OP?:O

Also, I like MCR. I even went to see them.
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maybe it's because i secrely agree that tracedin inymballsackistheb best album ever

he's got the fire and the fury,
at his command
well you don't have to worry,
if you hold onto jesus' hand