So, i'm about to start messing around with making an E=Bow type thing

Will putting magnets near my pups ruin them?

I don't know. I wouldn't think so.
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No, they already are magnets, it's not like hard drives or computer screens.
Pickups are magnets. Unless you get ceramic, and then they are still magnetic. No, it won't hurt your pups. It will just distort the sound
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pickups are magnets....

if you put a magnet near/on them it will most likely distort the sound in some weird way but wouldn't ruin them.
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Would'nt hurp the pups, might give a bad sound though. Also, wrong thread.
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Can magnets hurt magnets?

I know that some lazy people attach their metal pickup covers using magnetic strips.
No. I do it all the time.
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I was using magnets with my pickups yesterday. Didn't really change my tone or damage my pickups.
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technically, exposing your pickups to a powerful magnetic field over a very long period of time could demagnetize them, but you would have to leave your guitar sitting next to a powerful electromagnet for several years for that to happen.
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E-bows are made for guitars, they wouldnt make them if they magically made pickups break would they?
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