Hi everyone,

I am playing guitar for this musical at school and I am supposed to solo over a few 12 bar blues rock progressions (1-4-5) in one song. The conductor says he wants "crazy, Steve Vai, over-the-top" solos, but I really have no idea what to play. If I just use a E blues scale, it sounds too bluesy for me (I need it to sound like more of a shred/rock solo). I really have no idea what I should do, I'm kinda lost! So I would really appreciate it if people could direct me as to what scales/licks/whatever would be better suited to what I'm doing. The song itself is "Song Of The King" in Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (not very good music for guitar in my opinion, but oh well), and we are doing it pretty much as a rock song. Hope that helps people understand what I need help with, so any suggestions anyone has of anything at all would be great!

Thanks a lot!
Hahah, I'm doing that same play right now in school to, though I get no solo I usualy just play the major scale because I know it pretty well, but if your really going for a distinctive sound, try out the Harmonic Minor scale, it'll give you that sweet rock/metal sound that everyone loves.
using the harmonic minor you'll sound kinda like malmsteem if you can go fast enough. But really, if you don't have time to practice new scales, just play the pentatonic with really fast picking.
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First time posting here, but I would suggest trying to mess with digital scales/patterns in E minor. It'll help bridge and help you break out of that box that you're in with the E blues.

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try E phrygian that's the scale satriani, the teacher of vai, distinctive scale