So I got a GT-10 for X-mas, and really like it. But, I'm defenitley ready for an amp upgrade, as my Valveking 112 is just too thin. The GT-10 is cool and all, but I dont really do any recording, therefore I paid for many features that I wont ever use.

Basically heres what I've been considering:

Selling the GT-10 and and for my birthday in two months, buy a matching head and cab. Something really good and used off ebay, cause I dont have money for new and dont care about it being beaten up. Something like a JSX, with great cleans, Marshall like ACDC on the Crunch channel, and a Gary Moore like satchurated lead tone. Then just buying a delay and chorus and I'd have all the efx I need. Honestly the GT-10 is overloaded with tons of effects I dont use, and Id rather have a much better amp and less efx and a natural sound than a colored not as natural sound. Havent played the JSX, and I'm basically looking for some opinions on the amp or any suggestions for a different amp. Everything will be tested in person before I buy. Thanks.
If you do go for the JSX, make sure to get a different cabinet (or swap speakers if you get the combo). As I"m sure you've noticed, Peavey speakers aren't exactly the best. In fact, they pretty much suck.
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