do you recommend for a nice bluesy crunch, say like BB King? and for other bluesy sounds such as Albert Cummings? I am new to guitar and would just like some suggestions for what settings you like on your Blackstar. I know, just play with it, but would like some starting points. And no, I am not a young kid. I have, shall we say, many, many years of worldly experiences! Any ideas you have would be greatly appreciated.
Hmmmmmmm well i also have that amp (the combo form) so i would say to have the gain at 1/4 on the overdrive channel,the volume at whatever level doesnt annoy your neighbours/people you live with, the treble at 4 ,mid at 4, bass at 8 and the isf control at 5. Also try using the neck pickup for a warmer sound if you have one. Alternatively you could just turn the clean channel really loud with the neck pickup as the clean channel on a valve amp (like the ht-5) becomes naturally crunchy(er) as the volume goes up due to higher voltage being passed through the valves
Thanks for the reply. I will try that. If it makes any difference, the guitar I am playing is a Gibson ES-345.
please use the stickied settings thread for settings. there are quite a few settings for artists that use a bluesy sound, so that should get you started.