Thanks for your comment;
I liked your Free Bird solo cover, a few mistakes here and there, but otherwise I thought it was pretty darn good, it's not an easy solo to pull off. Well done.

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Few mistakes, but this is a hard solo. Very good job.

Your Freebird tone is authentic.
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Your pick hand looks weird.
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Your pick hand looks weird.

I grip it with both my index and middle fingers. I always did it like that, it gave me more control. I heard James Hetfield picks like that also..
i thought you werre strumming wit your finger. Greeat cover minimal mistakes. Tighten some hindges but it rocked. C4C in sig.
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i thought you werre strumming wit your finger. Greeat cover minimal mistakes. Tighten some hindges but it rocked. C4C in sig.

I'm not quite sure what you were going for there..all i can say is start by getting a better camera or cleaning it up.
pretty good. a few iffy parts here and there but overall good job.


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Might not be 100% accurate, but it was still a damn good cover Alot of feeling in your playing which i think alot of ppl lack when playing this solo, great!
keep at it. I know it kills your fingertips this song. Keep practicing and try to relax a bit, it may help with your rhythm. We used to do a cover of this in an old band I was in, we used to have to play it 2nd from the end of our sets due to tired finger syndrome LOL.

very good job indeed man couple of little mistakes you can here when you've got the original in the bakcground, but it was played with feeling so if it was on it's own I'm sure it'd sound fine

All in all 8.5/10

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