Hey everyone.
I was just wondering why it's easier to play fast on an electric, first of all i assumed it must be the strings, so i restrung my old acoustic with electric strings but Didn't really find any difference.
So my real question is, if i practice techniques usually ascosiated with electric guitar, with my acoustic, will it eventually benefit me when playing an electric? Or does it just not work in that way?
Firstly, acoustic strings are called that because they are made for acoustic guitars. Electric strings won't sound as good. I think your main problem is probably the size of the neck and body rather than the strings. And yes, I guess practising such techniques may work, but why not just learn some acoustic songs?
Electric strings are often interchangeable with acoustic strings if theyre both metal strings. Its to do with the action of the neck (its further away on the acoustic) and the neck is thicker so its harder to get around. Yes it will benefit you if you play acousticly then move onto electric, try just playing acoustic for a week, then see how much better you play on electric.
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Most of what i learn is acoustic, loving playing it, i was just confused when i finally picked up my electric and had a jam i was faster than usual.
And, yeah. electric strings didnt sound too good on my old acoustic, although not as bad as i expected. seemed fine.
Wasn't really for the sound, it was more of an experiment, i wanted to know if it was the strings or the general shape of the electric that made it seem easier to play.

Ahhh, so its the action and the neck size, great! cheers for the advice, i allways liked the acoustic, now i have an excuse to plat it more often.

Cheers both of you.
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