Excuse my poor grammar, when I write lyrics I don't exactly try for them to be spot on with grammar, I just write the emotion I feel how I feel it then perform it. And by no means do I think I have any writing talent, but I thought i'd share.

Any ways, this song is about my ex-girlfriend she cheated on me for no rhyme or reason after a year and eight months. It is also an acoustic jam.

So you think,
I am the one who
runs away from
all my problems
but I'm not running
away from you.
You are my biggest one,
I am standing right here.
I am wide open,
And I could never be more ready
for what you did.
Everybody said they saw it coming
Because love, I surely didn't
I hope you are
happy with Ethan,
Because I know I am better
of without you if you will,
give it up that, easy
So I hear you're living a lie.

I had to find out from,
Somebody else.
What is that for love?
And I know, its not what we intended.
But you went behind my back,
You held your actions
Like a weapon.
Its all your fault.
And next time I see you again
I will bring you down.
Because you pretend you are one
Who makes changes, with no consequence.
But baby, oh baby, I must say
There will always be consequence.
Just hope the good outweighs the bad.
And I hope you are happy,
Because I know I am.
i like it and by no means think i can do better and since its a personal song my point doesnt mean anything, but..... the line 'happy with Ethan' while it fits i think if you change it you can make it mean more to other people who can relate to the song rather then it just being a personal account

its good
Roses are red
Voilets are blue
The only bulge in my pocket is my wallet
No i'm not happy to see you