Hey guys,
It was my birthday just a few days ago, and i received a good amount of money. I'm going off to Uni next year, and i don't want to take my Les Paul (obvious reasons) and the case for my LTD EX-260 is so damn big that I won't end up taking it either. I'm looking for a decent strat-type to take with me.

What i am really looking for is something to mod over the next few months to make it sound/feel better. I'm planning on scalloping the neck, replacing the pickguard, maybe changing pickups too. I've seen a few Squier Strats and Jay Turser Strats, but I'm planning on trying them out next week. Anyone know of some decent/cheap strats that would be good for Uni/modding? My budget is around $100-400 Canadian.

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I'm not seeing the obvious reason as to why you wouldn't want to bring your guitar with you to the place you are going to be a lot for the next few years. Is it because LP's are heavy? Unless you are walking to the school I don't think that should pose a problem.

As long as you are talking about dorming at a college/university, if not disregard this play.
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Buy a used MIM Fender, preferably 2007 and later with the heftier trem block. You can snag those from eGay for relatively cheap and you'll probably be happy with the PUs, assuming you have a nice amp.


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What amp are you taking with you?
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Unless it absolutely has to be a Strat, buy a Yamaha Pacifica. It's a lot better than a Squier, possibly even better than a Mexican Fender. Plenty of scope for mods too, that bridge humbucker is just asking for a coil-split.

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Check out sx strats, they are really cheap and some people like them stock, but it will definitely be great for modding.
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The New MIM Standards are sexy.

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possibly even better than a Mexican Fender.
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Yeah, those are pretty sweet, but fenders quality control has dropped in the last few years.

But the the new MIM do look really nice.
You and I are mortal, but rock n roll will never die.
If you can find a nice used MIM strat at a cheap price I would go for that. As you can already play the guitar you will be able to tell a good one from a bad one. They are alot better than cheaper end brand new strats.
Yeah, you can find used MIM strats for pretty cheap off of ebay and craigslist.
You and I are mortal, but rock n roll will never die.