Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could help me with this. It's been bugging me for awhile now, and I thought that if I could get a solution anywhere, this would be it.

The Problem

I own 3 effects pedals (in order from guitar to amp), the Metal Muff w/ Top Boost (distortion), Boss CE-5 (Chorus), Boss DD-3 (Delay). They're all going into the input, but I'm considering putting the chorus and delay into the FX loop, as I hear it improves the sound quality. They all require 9V power, 300ma/0.3 amps current all together, and centre negative polarity. So I bought a Daisy Chain cable with a 9V, centre negative, 1000ma/1amp adapter, plugged it all in, and it worked a charm.

So that's the good bit, then, after about a week, the adapter made a loud FUZZ noise, stank of burning, and I had to return it to the shop and replace it. So, now I have the same adapter, but when the Delay and Distortion is on at the same time, the delay is extremely crackly.

Is this common? Is there a solution? Is there a reason? Do you have any better equipment options (I'm from the UK so no One-Spot or Godlyke)?

So if anyone could answer this thread soon, that would be very helpful and kind of you!

- Tom
In the U.S.A you have 2-pin mains supply. In the U.K we have 3-pin mains. So, your adapters don't fit over here.