Although this multiFX has lots of combos, A couple of things I'm not a fan of......

-I know it is extremely buffered, but I hate how there is very low attack/action/presence at most volumes. When I pick a string, I have to hit it hard enough so the processor recognizes it otherwise it doesn't sound. Anyone know how to increase the attack on this pedal.....the built in compressor is OK but doesn't do the trick, I also tried placing a digitech mainsqueeze compressor and TS5 tubescreamer both in front and behind the multiFX in the chain and this only makes the sound worse.

I know this is not the best multiFX but I'm trying to make it work for a while, I hate the tone, its way to computerized.......I guess if anyone has any suggestions on getting the best out of this pedal, or answers to my above question this would be great

here it is ... http://www.zzounds.com/item--ZOMG1