Hello UG

I recently received my confirmation of application for a 4 year music course at university and want to make sure the answers I have put down on the questionnaire are up to UG's exacting standards

1. What are the five notes of an F minor 9th with added 6th?
F Ab C Db G

3. What does MIDI stand for?
Musical Instrument Digital Interface

4. What is a ratamacue?
A drumming rudiment consisting of dragged grace notes and an accented fourth

5. What is EQ?
Digital altering of frequency responses

7. What is the second inversion of a major triad?
A 6/4 chord

8. What is a middle 8?
Another term for a bridge, used to break up the cycle of a song and provide a break for the vocalist in live situations

If any of these answers are incorrect could you tell me and give me the reason?

Thanks in advance
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looks good to me.

as for number 5, Equalization would suffice i would imagine. might wanna just add that to it.
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7. What is the second inversion of a major triad?
A 6/4 chord

I would include that in a second inversion triad the fifth is in the bass/lowest note.
1. I think the 6th note is D, not Db.
8. Could also mention, that it's Middle 8, because it's usually 8bars I believe
The first question is incorrect. Fm9 contains 1 b3 5 b7 9, you missed the b7. So Fm9 should be F Ab C Eb G. There is also that added 6th, which should be a major 6th above the root of the chord, you used Db when in fact it should be D. So Fm9add6 contains F Ab C Eb G D.
Take out the word Digital in your EQ answer. It can be analog as well. And use the word equalization.
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What's the point of the questionnaire if they let you do it at home where you can look it up online?

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